WASHINGTON, DC – With the national debt surpassing $18,000,000,000,000, Congress has decided to put out tip jars all over Capitol Hill in a mass effort to reduce the overwhelming and rapidly increasing national debt.

“We’re all taking steps to be proactive,” said Representative John Boehner, “we can’t just all sit around and do nothing. So we’ve been brainstorming ways to alleviate this immense burden from the shoulders of American citizens. Because we care.”

In fact, it was concern for the well-being of the nation that led to the measure in the first place.

“When you consider that the debt per citizen in this country is $56,527, it really makes you wonder what you can do to help. That’s how I came up with the tip jar idea,” said Representative Dave Camp, who went on to add, “It’s not going to fix the problem, but it’s a start.”

Congress has emphasized that 100% of the proceeds will go towards reducing the national debt and helping America crawl out of the massive hole it has gotten itself into over the years, a prospect that’s getting everyone on Capitol Hill into the giving spirit.

“I’ve already contributed $2.36,” beamed Boehner. “I’ve always got some spare change in my pockets, so it’s been easy to just drop it in the jar. I’d probably scrape up even more if the jars were cute little piggy banks,” Boehner giggled. “There’s just something so fun about feeding a cute little piggy bank!”

However, while the National Debt Reduction Tip Jars program has received wide-spread approval from Americans, some feel it’s not enough.

“This country is suffocating under trillions of dollars of debt, and Congress puts out tip jars? I mean, come on… what this country needs is some serious cuts in government spending,” declared Virginia resident Joselyn Kinley.

However, Congress disagrees.

“It’s just not that simple,” explains Camp. “Sure we could find places to cut spending, or we as a country could move towards a smaller, more fiscally responsible government, but we think a more reasonable solution is to increase giving. We should all give more, hence the tip jar.”

In fact, Congress is encouraging businesses, schools, churches, and families nationwide to put out their own National Debt Reduction Tip Jars to support Congress’s efforts to lower the national debt, a move that has garnered support from the President.

“It gives me hope to see Congress working together, and if we all work together, maybe we can effect some real change,” said President Obama in a statement to reporters Wednesday.

“Our intentions here are good, now all we need are results,” said Boehner. “All you have to do is set out those tip jars, drop the proceeds in the mail, and let us and the U.S. Postal Service take care of the rest!”

At press time, sources confirmed that the Tip Jars program had reduced the national debt by $347.51.

The above is part of Satire for Liberty, a blog series by Students For Liberty blog team member Suzanne Schaefer.